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Emily Dunn - National President

Emily (she/her) is originally from Akron, Ohio and is one of the founding members of DKA's first chapter in the Midwest, Tau Chapter at DePaul University in Chicago. While at Tau, Emily served as the inaugural Cinematic Affairs chair, Recruitment chair, and Interchapter chair. She is currently based in Los Angeles. She previously worked as an assistant at a Commercial talent agency for two years. Outside of film and TV, Emily is passionate about helping others, spending time outdoors, creative writing, music, craft-arts and “consuming ADHD Content”/things that make her brain go “brrrrr.” Prior to becoming National President, she served on NC as a National Councilor and as the Virtual Coordinator. Fun Fact: Emily shares a birthday with Jim Jarmusch, Lord Byron, and Guy Fieri.


Michelle Yee - National Vice President

Michelle (she/they) is a Canadian born overseas and raised in China. She graduated from Boston University with a dual degree in Advertising and Film & TV, and received their Masters in Producing & Writing in TV. She currently works as a script advisor for Coverfly and dabbles with content creation on the side. While a member of the Beta chapter, Michelle served as President, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Risk Management with the goal of fostering a safe space for young professionals interested in entertainment.

A’lexiz Dennis - National Councilor

A’lexiz Dennis majored in Cinema and Photography at Ithaca College. She was a part of the Pi Chapter where she served as Development Chair, Retreat Chair, Recruitment Chair, and finally Vice President. She graduated in May of 2021. She resides in NYC working as an Event Coordinator. She is very passionate about the arts and works to ensure that people get to see POC Filmmaker’s work. In her free time she is developing a new web series called, “Hope Deferred…”



Ian Donovan Hyland - National Councilor

Born and raised in New York City to a family of starving artists, Ian Donovan Hyland decided to pursue a degree in TV Writing and Production at Chapman University. They joined Zeta Chapter in the second semester of their senior year and have been a proud DeKA ever since. During his tenure as an active, Donovan held the Culture Chair, focusing on building fellowship and strengthening relationships amongst his chapter. After graduating in 2017, he worked in theatre for a few years before moving into Health and Safety for production, and is now managing a 2 stage, tech focused studio in Burbank, California. Through this current job, Donovan’s had the opportunity to work on several occasions with Sundance, G4TV, and even Wizards of the Coast. 

Alyssa Jacoby - National Councilor

Originally from Montauk, New York, Alyssa Jacoby (she/her) graduated from Ithaca College with a B.F.A. in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts. She joined the Pi Chapter of DKA in Spring 2018 where she served as Associate Education Officer, Recruitment Chair, Associate Education Secretary, Alumni/Abroad Relations, Marketing Chair, and Screenwriters Circle. She is currently working on social media and alumni relations for a non-profit organization called i-tri that trains middle school girls across Long Island for triathlons and teaches them about personal empowerment. She is also serving as Executive Producer, Writer, Production Designer, and Set Photographer for the web series Hope Deferred. In her position as National Councilor, Alyssa hopes to focus on updating the TROT program and being a welcoming resource for our chapters. She is looking forward to serving on National Council and getting to know more DeKAs!

Vic Kohl - National Councilor

Victoria Kohl (she/they) is a triple-threat creator aiming to catch eyeballs via graphic design, motion design, and video editing. Currently, Victoria works remotely from Portland, OR for the LA-based creative agency WONDROS (makers of the beloved Nicole Kidman AMC commercial). She graduated from the University of Miami’s School of Communication in 2017 with a B.S. in Motion Pictures (Production) and minors in Marketing, Electronic Media, and Music Business & the Entertainment Industry. While at the University of Miami, Victoria was Xi Colony’s founding Vice President and President and worked diligently alongside her siblings to establish the Xi Chapter. For Victoria, DKA always felt like home and a place where she felt safe, supported, and challenged to be a better person both personally and professionally. She’s excited to work diligently as a National Councilor so current and prospective members find an inclusive and rewarding home in DKA too.

Allison Silberberg - National Councilor

Allison (she/her) is originally from Westchester, NY, and graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film & Television. She proudly served as President for Beta Chapter and joined the National Board in 2018. She is now in graduate school at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London studying Costume Making and Design. She is incredibly passionate about exploring the power of aesthetics for storytelling and how understanding various cultures & societies, both past and present, can create the most authentic representation of the human experience through art. In her free time, she can be found curating her Instagram filled with photos of pink outfits, vintage inspiration, and handmade dresses.

Help Wanted - Apply to be a National Councilor!

  • Term Length: Through July 2024. Eligible to run for an additional 6-year term at Convention in 2024.
  • Responsibilities: Monthly virtual check-ins with your 2-3 assigned chapters, providing advice to your 2-3 assigned chapters, assistance with projects focused on the development of Delta Kappa Alpha (such as forming Boards of Governors at the chapter level, updating DKA materials, connecting with entertainment organizations with the goal of providing benefits to our membership, etc.), maintaining awareness of DKA's finances, serving in a Standards Board capacity for disciplinary tribunals, and event planning (Conclave, Convention, smaller events).
  • Councilors are NOT responsible for handling order forms, collecting dues, or dealing with insurance/taxes/legal concerns. All elements of the legal and administrative functioning of Delta Kappa Alpha are handled by our Director of Chapter Services and Mattison (DKA staff).
  • Required time commitment consists of 1-hour weekly NC meetings and your check-in meetings with your chapters (2-3 hours/month). When handling specific projects, emergency situations, or tribunals, more time may be allocated and the amount fluctuates.
  • There is occasional travel for chapter initiations, expansion efforts, Good To Great retreats/chapter visits, NC Retreat, Conclave, Convention, and Executives Academy.

National Directors

Cory Darling - National Alumni Director

Cory Darling (she/her) is a TV promo editor for Fresh Cut Creative, and has cut National TV commercials for many major studios. She enjoys event planning and building the DKA community. Cory took on the position of National Alumni Chair the summer of 2018, and has since moved onto the National Board, now serving as the National Alumni Director. In her spare time, she can be found re-listening to all of Taylor Swift’s albums (yes, all of them). Cory was part of the Eta Founding Class at UC Berkeley, and graduated in 2014. She then joined the Zeta chapter at Chapman University during her grad program. She graduated in 2017 with a M.F.A. in Film Production with an emphasis in Editing.



Aaliyah Weathers - National DEI Director

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Aaliyah graduated from University of Miami in 2019, double majoring in Journalism and Motion Pictures with a minor in Music Business and Entertainment Industries. Aaliyah became a DeKA as a first semester freshman and eventually went on to serve as president of the Xi chapter. Aaliyah now lives in Los Angeles working in film and television development at Chernin Entertainment. Aaliyah is passionately focused on equity and inclusion and is committed to giving a voice to our members of marginalized communities. In her free time she can be found exploring all genres of music and deepening her astrology practice.

Sydney Gold - National Standards Director

Sydney was born and raised in Long Island, New York and went on to the University of Miami to get her degree in Psychology and Motion Pictures. During her time at University of Miami, she contributed in chartering the Xi Colony and served as chartering President of the Xi Chapter. She then served as Pledge Education officer in her senior year. After college graduation, she went on to get her law degree at Brooklyn Law School. She now practices as an attorney and manager at her family law firm in New York. She has served on the National Council beginning in late 2019 as a councilor, and then went on to serve as National Vice President from 2020 to 2022. She now hopes to apply her legal knowledge and skillset to her work in DKA. During her free time, she loves watching horror movies, creating art, and watching TikToks. Fun Fact: She has 2 cats named Tony and Chrissy after her all time favorite TV show.